I hate to say this but America gun crime is ad Infinitum with no possible end in site. Why is my conviction  unwavering on the ill thought out 2nd amendment of the united States constitution? Well, even Stevie Wonder can see clearly that the right to bear firearms is causing a lot of irreparable damage that they have allowed to fester and has now reached a point of no return. (more…)

I have always dreamed about visiting Miami and most of all blessed to be able to make my dream come true as I visit next month. Some may say it is the plush South Side beach or maybe it is upscale Ocean Drive, the palm trees and beautiful weather which is quite possible true but one of the most important part of my visit is to see the rich culture of the first black country in the world to gain Independence and the poorest too, Haiti. (more…)

It would not be right to paint all with the same brush but if we were to go by the obvious fact of how one’s reputation precedes him or her, would you really blame anyone for having a very negative perception about religion as a whole and christianity in particular?

Some may be wondering what is my point and why am I asking this question, well lets run a quick countdown to see why I am starting to have my doubts on the authenticity of christianity. Shall we? (more…)

When the fast food chain KFC first came to China in the late 70s, twenty four people applied for a job, twenty three got accepted and one got rejected. The reject is Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group with an estimated personal wealth of  $50.1 billion as of January 2018. (more…)

 Did you know the average millionaire has seven sources of income? If you get sacked It doesn’t matter because your backup is there, your boss tells you what you don’t like, why go through the headache of a union. Just tell him or her where to go. (more…)

It is 2017, 53 years since the Civil Rights act was enforced and almost 152 years from the day 13th Amendment was ratified. It is still rather depressing to see that some people still see blacks as nothing more than a slave, even when it is evident that we have not only come a long way but broke so many boundaries and shattered numerous glass ceilings along the way. (more…)