It is 2017, 53 years since the Civil Rights act was enforced and almost 152 years from the day 13th Amendment was ratified. It is still rather depressing to see that some people still see blacks as nothing more than a slave, even when it is evident that we have not only come a long way but broke so many boundaries and shattered numerous glass ceilings along the way. (more…)

Boris Johnson couldn’t be serious. When The Independent reported that the foreign secretary of England allegedly told friends that his annual pay of $190,000 (£141,000) is difficult to live on due to ‘extensive family responsibilities’ (whatever that means), it had me questioning if been in power is really about serving the people as this is an exemplar of greed at its finest. (more…)

This is nothing new right? I mean think about it, a footballer/soccer player who is paid exorbitant amount of money to just kick a ball for 90 minutes or less, makes more in a week than professor Sir Alec Jeffreys who invented DNA fingerprinting would make in a year. (more…)

I know everyone has their opinion and I am not different. I thought the Mayweather/McGregor fight was more of an exhibition than a boxing match but one thing is for certain, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather may not be ‘The Greatest’, a title that only befits Mohamad Ali, surely he is the best ever boxer to walk the surface of this earth. (more…)

The one thing I have come to realise is for every extremely gifted individual, something has to give in form of ‘paying’ back for the gift given, some natural others inflicted. Steven Hawkins, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Jean Michel Basquiat to name a few. Robert Sylvester Kelly who is also known as R. Kelly is no exception. (more…)

“The only rapper to rewrite history without a pen, NO ID on the tracks let the story begin”  – Jay Z, 2009. DOA

When Jay Z used those words to opened his 12th album’s lead single in 2009, who would have thought he would do an entire album with the legendary producer NO ID, who thought Kanye West everything about music production. (more…)

 A woman is not and will never be the same as a man and I do not mean it in a misogynistic way. Feminists may disagree but it is unequivocally true. We are built different, we think different and for the most part strength levels are completely different. (more…)