The one thing I have come to realise is for every extremely gifted individual, something has to give in form of ‘paying’ back for the gift given, some natural others inflicted. Steven Hawkins, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Jean Michel Basquiat to name a few. Robert Sylvester Kelly who is also known as R. Kelly is no exception. (more…)

“The only rapper to rewrite history without a pen, NO ID on the tracks let the story begin”  – Jay Z, 2009. DOA

When Jay Z used those words to opened his 12th album’s lead single in 2009, who would have thought he would do an entire album with the legendary producer NO ID, who thought Kanye West everything about music production. (more…)

 A woman is not and will never be the same as a man and I do not mean it in a misogynistic way. Feminists may disagree but it is unequivocally true. We are built different, we think different and for the most part strength levels are completely different. (more…)

This question was asked in a meeting I attended not too long ago and I thought about it long and hard. Some people’s answer were ‘the company you keep‘ others went as far as saying women, men and lawsuits would be the the major thing to be on the watch list. However subjective everyone’s perspectives are, the answer is closer to home than you think. Your Family! (more…)

 The personality who paid himself the most this last fiscal year came as a shock to me if I am quite honest. It is surprising because this is a list which encompass all walks of life, From TV hosts, actors, musician, preachers, athlete to notable VIPs and reality/social media stars (more…)

Often times when we talk the highest paid individuals, we immediately think celebrities or look at the extreme wealth of the oligarchs and the deep pocketed sheiks, what we rarely think about and quite regularly miss is the stupendous salary been paid to select group of people that have nine to five jobs like me and you. (more…)

It is now evident that the incident last night in Manchester, England was an act of terrorism but what we don’t know is if the attack was carried out by muslim terrorist. If my fears were confirmed, then I will like to see more affirmative action from my muslim brothers and sisters because people are starting to think President Trump was right in the first place. (more…)

As a DJ, I can tell you first hand that playing on the 1s and 2s can be very addictive just like any drug out there. The addiction starts with sheer pleasure of just been able to feel the vinyl on the moving platter of your SL1200 or whatever equipment you are most comfortable in and can very easily morphed into been able to make your turntable talk, literally. (more…)