Blog 76: Be Very Careful What You Say Because When It Is Said & Done………

Kim Burrell’s Anti Gay Rant

I will be the first to say I like Kim, I love the sister’s songs and she is indeed a great singer but as with most Christians carried away with the holy spirit, she said one too many this time round but did she really mean it the way the world perceives her intentions?

Kim Burrell has no one but herself to blame for her ‘Holy Ghost’ induced rant on homosexuals.

A wise man once told me that for anything we do or say in life there are consequences, good or bad but as a believer of freedom of speech I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and should not be berated for it. Do I agree with her views? No! Is she entitled to say it without been castigated for it? Yes!

Allegedly people in the congregation have come to her defence implying she meant the ‘sin’ in my heterosexual brothers and sisters was what she was referring to, I don’t know where the hell she got the idea from and if you read our previous blog on the Bible and Homosexual, you will grasp the bigotry of religion and homosexuals especially in Christianity and Islam.

She tried to clean it up in this video but the damage is done and can’t be reversed but few things really puzzled me that made me question the true intention people which is the way she was dropped like a bad habit by people close to her as soon as the news came out.
Pharrell Williams who was singing her praises and calling her ‘Awesome’ while they were promoting their song to the Hidden Figures movie soundtrack was the first to drop the dime on her.

Every of her ‘sisters’ in the movie soundtrack viz Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer all issued statement immediately severing ties to protect their brand which I totally respect because I do not agree with Ms Burrell either but I would have called her first, perhaps her celebrity ‘friends’ did.

Who on earth was the snake who secretly recorded that to expose her? Why didn’t the ‘snake’ release the whole sermon? I am pretty sure Kim Burrell preached for more than 2 minutes? Hence we have to be very careful what we say or do because when it is said and done you are on your own.

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