Blog 76: 10- Some Of The Most Under Rated & Overlooked Soul/RnB Composer In The Last 30 Years

Part 10

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This is our final part of some of the beautiful soul singers whom in our opinion didn’t quite get the credit they deserve for some reason. However what those reasons might be, it is not because  these artistes didn’t bring out quality music.

Noel Gourdin

What a great track! The last I heard from Noel Gourdin was back in 2010 when he came out with his sophomore album to After My Time and this his lead single Beautiful is an ode to how women should be respected.

A song with such a power and positive message didn’t resonate well with listeners yet meaningless lyrics on how to kill, rape, do drugs and twerk gets millions of views in a matter of months. Ask yourself why does this happen? Some may say he is not popular enough or his records does not appeal to the people but this is not true because for anything to be popular it must have a solid airplay in the first place.         

If you constantly rotate anything on radio, tv and social media (force feeding) regardless of what you are putting out people will gravitate. Hence great artistry most times won’t see the light of day.

Raheem DeVaugh


How can you not like Raheem DeVaughn if you know anything about RnB music?

This Baltimore native and cousin to Chrisette Michelle has been on the grind for 17 years and all the major awards he has to show for it is a paltry 3 Grammy nominations. All his albums to date are great  but his 2005 debut The Love Experience  is on a different league. A true masterpiece from The Voice intro on track 1 – Thank You on track 16.      

Nicknamed ‘the R&B hippie neo-soul rock star’, Rhaeem DeVaughn was born to the famous Jazz cellist Abdul Wadud and retired federal worker Imani Smith and attended Coppin State Univeristy in Baltimore. 

He continues to make music and he is on his 5th album released 2015 titled Love Sex Passion



Very Little is know about this quiet storm. So I would like to round off with Kelvin Johnson, a.k.a K’Jon. He only has two albums out and both are incredible.

His 2009 debut I Get Around for Universal records is a collectors’ item. His Sophomore Moving On in 2012 for Shanachie records was missed due to lack of promotion but a quality album too.

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