Blog 76: $109,000 Child Support a Month Is The Reason Some Steer Clear

The one thing I can assure you most men dread is marriage. Amongst other things the phobia alone to think of the divorce aspect in case it doesn’t work out is one of the reasons men stay single for a long time plus examples like Mike and Michelle Epps does not help matters

In case you don’t know Mike Epps is a renowned comedian and actor appearing in a quite a few movies, while he is by no means a ‘Denzel Washington’ in Hollywood it is suffice to say Mr Epps is worth his weight in gold in the movie industry.

Mike married his wife Michelle Epps in 2006 and together they procreated 2 children and as with most marriages that don’t work out, last month they filed for a divorce after 11 years together.

However sad it may be not to see them as a couple anymore the truth remains that 11 years is quite a remarkable feat for most Hollywood marriages and what is making the big headlines across the world is the list of demands Michelle want as a divorce settlement from her estranged husband and her reasons why. 

  • She alleges that Mike Epps makes $3.5m a year and demanded $109,000 a month for child and spousal support which equals $1.3m a year.
  • She further broke down her demand by saying $3,500 a month goes to her mother who is the nanny to her and Mike’s kids, $75,000 a year for their 2 daughters’ tuition fees and her bills to run her mercedes monthly is $600 plus vacations and other frivolities were also included.
  • Most ridiculous of all was she told the judge that Mike Epps told her not to work while they were married and now that they are divorced she can’t go to work because not only is she used to that lifestyle, she is too old to at 36.

While I understand that her point of view, my question is how much is too much?

Even if Mike Epps were to pay a woman to have those cute babies for him in 2006 through surrogacy, it will not cost him that much money to raise them in 10 years so why give it to this woman every year just because you were together as husband and wife for a while?

What for?

This is the very same reason celebrated men of colour deflect to women of other race because very rarely do you hear this sort of demand for a divorce settlement a caucasian lady for example.

I appreciate Michelle staying at home to look after the kids while Mike was at work but the facts are what it is, facts! Michelle didn’t earn the money, Mike did.

I am not saying he should do what is right by supporting his kids and perhaps his estranged wife but this is sheer thievery.

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