Blog 76: 14 year Old Boy Dies Of Gunshot Wounds in east London

What happened to back in the day when we took care of business as boys with our knuckles? What is most pathetic is what could a boy of 14, done so wrong to deserve a gunshot to the head should be a food for thought to us all.

 These nonsense of postcode gangs and street ideology of been a ‘real one’ has got to stop as it is cutting lives short, way too short!

It was believed that Corey Junior Davis succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday night at 22:01 after an alleged male assailant shot Davis and a 17 year old friend at the back of the head as they sat down talking in Moonwalk Newham, London. The latter is believed to have suffered a life changing injury.


A resident who witnessed the shooting told the Evening Standard “The boy couldn’t talk, he was just laying down breathing hard. I didn’t want to look at him because I saw too much blood”.

It is thought that the shooting was the result of a rivalry between the E6 postcode gang and Woodgrange gang.

Our thoughts are with their family.



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