Blog 76: £141,000 a Year Salary is too little to live on.. Really?

Boris Johnson couldn’t be serious. When The Independent reported that the foreign secretary of England allegedly told friends that his annual pay of $190,000 (£141,000) is difficult to live on due to ‘extensive family responsibilities’ (whatever that means), it had me questioning if been in power is really about serving the people as this is an exemplar of greed at its finest.

Taking into consideration that the president of arguably the most powerful nation on earth, China, is on $22,000 per annum, (yes you read it right), what could Mr Johnson and his family be buying that makes that amount meagre for a salary? 


I have lived in England long enough to know that his salary is more than enough for anyone to live on in the UK where the average earner makes £27,000 a year, let alone a civil servant.

So how does Mr Johnson’s pay scale compares to other world leaders’, do you think they are well remunerated or not? 

Jose Mujica- President of Uruguay

By far the most humble and down to earth president in recent times. His salary should have been $144,000. He thought it was too much and gave away roughly 80% to charity keeping only $15,000 to  himself.

In case you are wondering he must be corrupt and don’t need the money or like Trump he came from money, you are wrong.

He lives in a simple house in a little farm and drives a 1987 VW Beetle. He declined to live in the presidential mansion in the capital Montevideo.

Xi Jinping- President of China

The son of a prominent Communist leader, Xinping rose quickly through the CPC ranks. Despite a recent 60% increase in his salary, he currently makes only $22,000 USD per year.

Jinping is also the current General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Angela Merkel- Germany’s Chancellor

She is the most powerful woman in Europe and the incumbent chancellor of Germany. Although she earns about $75,000 more than Mr Johnson as she should, I doubt if she wouldn’t be able to live comfortably on UK’s foreign secretary’s pay.

Robert Mugabe- President of Zimbabwe

There’s no disputing the high level of corruption in this beautiful African country, but the official salary for the commander in chief is set at $18,000 a year by the federal republic of Zimbabwe.

We all know that he does not live on that as Zimbabwe is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet (with politicians taking an estimated $2 billion USD in 2012 alone), Mugabe is most definitely helping himself to more than that.


His personal worth is estimated between $5-10 million (although some sources believe that number is closer to $3-5 BILLION), as he treats Zimbabwe as his own private piggy bank (and the country is rich in diamond deposits).

Full list of world leaders earnings here

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