Blog 76: 4- Some Of The Most Under Rated & Overlooked Soul/RnB Composer In The Last 30 Years


Part 4

Welcome back! In this part we will be discussing a relatively unknown piece of art, she is not quite there yet but a week before the late great Prince passed, he gave this young lass his blessings. So if Prince says she is okay to come in, we don’t question or doubt unequivocally.

We will also look at where The Black Angel is and why is his new project not charting?

Wrapping up today’s article we will be checking for a Canadian crooner who can really sing his way out of any predicament and maybe give Marvin Gaye a run for his money. Okay maybe not that far as to compare him to Marvin but he can blow.


According to sources Prince was perusing social media when he came across this young lady’s video and he was smitten instantly, he wanted to reach out but unfortunately it was not to be as the musical genius passed a week later.

Watching this clip you will see why he was indeed taken by her beautiful voice and skin. In the music world when Prince speak, you listen hence his word was suffice for her to make our list despite very little is known about the songstress, not even a wiki page yet.

Dave Hollister

AKA the Dark Angel, Dave Hollister is the cousin to the famous R&B duo Kci and Jojo. His first album Ghetto Hymn is a collector’s item but for me Chicago ’85 the movie, his sophomore album did it for me.

That LP cemented his artistry as a bona fide solo artiste, an original member of Teddy Riley’s group Black Street, Mr Hollister went on to serenade us with his art from Things In The Game Done Change in 2002 to his latest work The Manuscript in in 2016. He is now a preacher and an occasional gospel singer.

Glen Lewis

You may not know who Glen Lewis is perhaps you don’t know he did this song that was originally written for Michael Jackson by Robin Thicke but you have surely seen the movie Maid In Manhattan starring Jennifer Lopez, right?

This Canadian Neo-Soul singers has been around more than 20 years but little is known about this pantie dropper.

Born Glen Ricketts in 1975, his father was a protege of the legendary Donny Hathaway.

Due to the politics in music business, the young man never got the break he truly deserves. His debut eponymous album in 1995 was shelved, his sophomore World Outside My Window which was co-written by the unknown British singer songwriter at the time (Marsha Ambrosius) is a master piece that on went to do about 300,000 in numbers, back in the day anything short of gold (500,000 sales) was a failure.

I don’t think he quite recovered after that dismay but we hear he continues to tour.

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