Blog 76: 5 Most Stylish Men That Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve

Swagger or Swag as it is commonly known is a term used loosely for anyone who can blend their outfit together with a little bit of attitude and at the same time knowing where the fine line is between confidence and arrogance. Right?

Far from it. In my opinion, Swagger is simply style or a lifestyle most of us can only dream of because it very costly to maintain.
No disrespect to those who do but you can’t go shopping in a high street store for bargain and drive a regular car that anyone with good credit can afford or dine in an okay restaurant regularly  and claim to be stylish, I don’t think that is how it is done.

In this blog we put together our list of familiar faces who we think are stylish based on their appearance, status, popularity and affordability but really don’t get the credit they deserve.

#5 La Sape Congo

  Truth be told they shouldn’t really be on this list but we had to include them for the simple fact that despite living in one of the poorest countries in the world (Congo), these guys spend literally everything they have to blend their threads together, trust and believe there’s no fake stuff either.

Congo is a french colony and the Congolese have a lot of family and friends in France hence they are never short of the authentic stuff which are sold to then at a ridiculously inflated prices.

This documentary will give you an insight on why they made our top 5 for their effort.

#4 Fonzworth Bentley

After a good read on his 2007 book on etiquette called Advance Your Swagger, I knew Derek Watkin (a.k.a Fonzworth Bentley) had something special. He has style, grace, chivalry and above all a trend setter that he rarely get a credit for. A brain tumor survivor, classical trained violinist, a former aid and stylist to mogul Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, Fonzworth Bentley makes our top four.

#3 Jidenna

Born to a renowned Nigerian scientist Oliver Mobisson and an accountant mother Tama Mobisson, Jidenna burst into the scene with his hit song Classic Man in 2014 to Jonelle Monae’s Wondaland record label.

Although still a rookie in the game but his appearance has never failed to impress and like his debut, he has stayed a classic man ever since so much so the famous rapper Game had to dress like him for Halloween of 2015.

#2 David Gandy

 As a young 36 year old British model I think David Gandy deserves way more credit for his accomplishment and style than he gets compared to someone like David Beckham. From his blogs and physical fitness apps, Mr Gandy is famous in the fashion world without a doubt but little is know about him outside which really shouldn’t be case taking his accolades into consideration.

#1 Steve Harvey

From been homeless to a net worth of $100m, Mr Harvey made our top spot for been a very stylish 59 year old thanks to his wife Majorie (she does not look 51 by the way). What can I say about the entrepreneur that hasn’t been said already, just a peek at Majorie Harvey’s Instagram posts to see style and fashion at its finest.

Leave a comment and let us know who your top 5 is if you disagree.

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