Blog 76: 6- Some Of The Most Under Rated & Overlooked Soul/RnB Composer In The Last 30 Years

Part 6

Welcome back guys and thank you for the kind emails I received from beautiful people who are loving these ‘series’ and without further ado let’s get down to brass tracks.

As always our aim this month is to pay respect to soul / RnB legends who we think didn’t live up to their full potential in music’s social ranking and in this part we will look at three artistes as such; first of them is a soul/RnB singers who in my opinion is an insult for his work not to be recognized in any major award not even his 1999 classic with Lisa Lopez.

We will then look at a legend we lost in 2006 just after his return from South Africa. He was the son of legendary lead singer of the Motown group the O’Jays and lastly we will delve into a bona fide Seventh Day Adventist  who has been serenading us since 1992 to this day and you will surprised find out he has only won a NAACP  and Soul Train Award in his 25 year career irrespective of his impressive catalog.

Donnell Jones


The one thing I think I am  good at is talking music, we can talk anything from Jackie Wilson to Lil Yachty as long as it fall along the lines of Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Light Rock & Raggae.

So one day I was having a conversation with a 21 year old whom I didn’t know his age at the time because he looked a little older, he said Drake sings much better Donnell Jones. Immediately I knew right there he was born about the mid-late 90s but I was intrigued to know why he arrived to that conclusion.

Not to take anything away from Drake, his 2011 song Shot For Me  is a classic ballad any day or any era but the young man’s reason for concluding that Drake is better was simply because he has won more awards and sold more records, fair point but real music enthusiast know selling records and awards don’t make you the better artiste but the content of your material. Donnell writes his own music and writes for others, has a much better voice, plays instruments and the contents of his catalog will be played for years to come like the video above that was released 18 years ago and still sounds better than 90% of the music out today.

I guess I couldn’t tell the young man nothing, he didn’t know who Donnell Jones was and to be honest what do I expect musically  from a young man who was only a year old when 2pac got shot?

 Gerald Levert


What do you know about real music? If you don’t know Gerald Levert please do not read any further and go do some research on Gerald Edward Lever, born to the legendary Eddie Levert of the O’Jays.

He was the lead singer of the family group LeVert who recorded the hit single Casanova in 1987 and in my opinion the 4th best male voice in soul music behind Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross & Donnie Hathaway.

The Grammy award he so deserved eluded him until after his death in November 2006 that he was awarded the award posthumously in 2008.

July 13th 2017, Gerald Levert would have been 51.

Brian McKnight


25 years, I repeat 25 years of blessing us with his velvety smooth sounds he has only won 2 ‘black awards’: Soul Train and the NAACP awards, who on earth decide on who gets what award? I am telling you people these politics in music has to stop.

17 times Grammy nominated and not one, the closet he had to winning was in 2002 with Love Of My Life and still the Male RnB award category went to Usher’s U Remind MeUsher is one hell of a singer no question but I don’t think U Remind Me was better than Love Of My Life unless of course the gave the award for popularity.

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