Blog 76: 7- Some Of The Most Under Rated & Overlooked Soul/RnB Composer In The Last 30 Years

Part 7

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In today’s chapter we look at a HBCU graduate from Rahway, New Jersey. A very talented brother who is greatly underestimated in our opinion, despite his strings of writing and production credits plus classic projects of his own, he is still relatively in the shadows.

We will also look at two British soulful artistes, the first been the prince of blue eyed soul here in England that got the attention of the prolific singer/songwriter and production genius Pharrell Williams finally it will be the turn of what I call a travesty of justice in British soul scene, how this lady’s 2002 Untitled album peaked at a dismal 118 on the chart still remains a mystery to me.

Eric Roberson


If you haven’t seen the movie Prison Song starring Q-Tip, stop right now and what the whole movie and you comeback to complete this article. it is free on Youtube and the last 10 minutes that introduced this song to the world is linked above.
Erro (as he is normally reffered to) is a Howard University graduate from Rahway, New Jersey. He was a back up singer for Jill Scott’s epic debut in 2000 and was part of Jazzy Jeff’s Touch Of Jazz production imprint. He has written and produced classics for artistes from Will Smith to Cam’ron.

With All that talent Erro is nowhere near the artistes he helped created and his 2004 Classic album The Vault 1.5 which includes the single I Have A Song arguably a top 10 of all time, from start to finish any song off that album could very easily be a single.

He is still making music and I Have A Song was re-released in 2016  to enable the permanent installation of the first dedicated Commonwealth war memorial in the UK to African and Caribbean service men and women of both World Wars.



Sam Smith is good but nothing compared to Daley in my books, this video says it all and with Pharrell William’s production the rest they say is history, the note gives me goose bumps and Pharrell’s touch took it to stratosphere.

So how come this 27yr old young man born in Manchester and studied Arts & Design in Manchester Metropolitan university is not known as he should? Well your answer is as good as mine, when the BDS spins in radio is regulated by the powers that be viz the record company, there’s little or nothing the DJ can do, if the big bosses decide to promote Rihanna’s Work or Migos’ Bad & Boujee there’s absolutely no way you will hear great talent and that’s not to take anything of Rihanna and Migos.

The radio will play Work so much that you will have to like it or at least hum it in your sleep hence the underdogs like the talented Daley. His Only album Nights+Days is available everywhere and as always put the album on and there’s no need to skip tracks.

Terri Walker

This is the annoying bit though, If the late great Amy Winehouse sang Drawing Board it would have been millions of views. Why did I use Amy as an example? Simple, 37 year old Terri Walker started this Jazzy soulful sound before Amy and if you listen you will hear a similar sound, guess what? This video only has 17 views.

She started off in the local Garage scene with Shanks & Bigfoot before branching off on her own, A fluent German speaker Terri should have been way more popular and her 2002 debut Untitled is a masterpiece. She sang both in English and German in the album and the first single tiltled Guess You Didn’t Love Me featuring Mos Def couldn’t have been a better way to set off an album.

Although nominated for the music of black origin awards (M.O.B.O) in 2003, that was pretty much the last I have heard of her subsequent albums been beckoned by any major awards. She still make music but a talent like that should be promoted more.

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