Blog 76: 8 Year Old Dies After Drinking Boiling Water For Youtube Challenge.

What is wrong with this narcissistic world we are living in where everybody wants to be famous by any means necessary?

8 year old Ki’ari Pope was dared by her cousin to drink boiling water as part of the challenges that been been circulating social media in recent times.

Ki’ari ‘accepted’ the challenge.

She suffered burned throat and mouth plus other complications as a result. Ms Pope underwent tracheotomy after she complained she could not breathe on Sunday night . 

She was pronounced dead 12:15 am on Monday.

Answers to salient questions should be immediate, for example where was her parents? Was she forced to drink the hot water?

It does not make sense for a 8 year old to drink that much hot water because as grown ups we know that once the first sip hits your mouth, you would not need a reminder to let go.So someone would need to explain to the world, how come a child persevered through such burning blisters to sip that much when adults barely can.

I feel sorry for this poor little girl’s life that has ended before it begun but I am really am intrigued to see how this mystery unravels.

Author: FR76

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