Blog 76: $800,000 (£615,000) A Week? Anyone Deserves That Much?

Does Anyone Truly Deserves To Be Paid $5,000 (£3,660) Per Hour

Although this is the second most obscene thing I have seen in sport since Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s $300,000,000 one night’s pay for a 60 minutes fight against Manny Pacquiao but  does Carlos Tevez deserve this much?

I’d be the first to say you can’t knock the Argentinian star’s hustle but this is an awful lot of money for an average player that is recently signed to China’s top tier football club Shanghai Shenhua.

A club famous for signing football starts that have past their prime in Europe, its player include Tim Cahill, Obafemi Martins and Henrique, paying above and beyond had me wondering what is wrong with this world we are living in.

Teachers, janitors, firemen, and charity workers whom in my opinion are objectively the most important pillars in any society can barely make ends meet, our brothers and sisters in Aleppo are dying with no food to eat, majority of it citizens chased out of their homeland and there you have a footballer earning this much for been on the pitch no more than 1hr 40m, twice a week’s work?


I am not referring to Tevez because it is not his fault, I would jump at the offer myself but the football club who is willing to pay that much for someone to kick a ball. Imagine what top European soccer star like Ronaldo and Messi would command in Asia if they decide to quit Spain.


I really believe that there should be a cap system in place on how much sportsmen and women  can earn maximum, this is getting beyond a joke. Hospitals are poorly staffed, teachers are overworked to impact knowledge on our posterity, janitors keep streets, offices and homes clean for pittance, our fire service men and women are underpaid, this is just an insult to their time and effort.

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