Blog 76: 9 minutes of Hatred and Racist Voice Message Received

It is 2017, 53 years since the Civil Rights act was enforced and almost 152 years from the day 13th Amendment was ratified. It is still rather depressing to see that some people still see blacks as nothing more than a slave, even when it is evident that we have not only come a long way but broke so many boundaries and shattered numerous glass ceilings along the way.

Where is this going some may ask, there’s nothing new under the sun especially when it is race related.


While this is quite possibly true but some things still need addressing as in the case of the voice message below received by a professor after a Fox news interview, the audio says to me the caller is a woman of caucasian descent.

I have never heard anything with so vitriolic and quite honestly, I think this is more of a thought that has festered for quite a while and the weirdest thing is there are quite of lot of people that harbour such malicious perception about black people.

The caller did address few points that if it were presented in a discourse or a dialogue, it would have been touche.

For example the fact that blacks only make up about 15% of the population in America yet have about 40% of the murder rate in the country, most of these homicide are against each other.


Most importantly is the issue of the rate some of us rely on the state’s welfare system for support, whether it is housing or any forms of benefits for us to work less or not at all.

Everything else she says could not be farther from the truth in my opinion.

She seem to think black people have very low IQ and all we are good for are sports and entertainment, if she and her supporters really feel strongly about their conviction then they must not have heard of:

Vivien Thomas,
Daniel hale Williams
Lewis Latimer 
and Mary van Brittan Brown who invented CCTV.

Your thought.

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