Blog 76: 9- Some Of The Most Under Rated & Overlooked Soul/RnB Composer In The Last 30 Years

Part 9

We are back with our dedication to art that many didn’t see or failed to notice and thanks to those who reached out (and didn’t reach out), It really means a lot and thanks to our affiliate Versace Medusa Quilted Padded Hi Tops, the ultimate luxury sneakers (

In part 9 we will be looking into three very talented brothers, the first is a very down to earth crooner who has been around for a while and have serenaded us with ballad after ballad but couldn’t get past an NAACP award. Next we will delve into a very soulful brother who turned down offers to play football for his love of music which  earned him a background singing gig with RnB heavyweight Ginuwine, then lastly a very gifted writer that makes excellent feel good music for acts like Angie Stone and Charlie Wilson but radio thinks he couldn’t really transform that gift enough for his solo projects, which I strongly beg to differ. 

 Kenny Lattimore

Heaven knows how many weddings and babies this song made. If you don’t who Kenny Lattimore is then you just don’t know, for fans of real music what is understood don’t to be explained.

Once married to talented female singer Chante Moore, Mr Lattimore has been around since the late eighties. He started with the group Mannequin , it took him a while to come out with his eponymous debut in 1996 which is a masterpiece from start to finish, he released 2 more projects before teaming up with his ex wife to form a duo which produced Things That Lovers Do in 2003 and (my personal favorite) Uncovered/Covered in 2006, a rnb/gospel album that spun the hit Figure It Out written and produced by Grammy award winning Brian Michael Cox.

Kenny Lattimore still make music but you will have to look for it.



If this song don’t touch you then you have no blood running through your veins. How many people will turn down prospect of making millions of dollars to play football and follow music, black music for that matter that don’t pay much these days?

That’s what you call love for the art, that love you hear in his voice when he belts out soulful tunes to the ladies, it’s not about the money for Durrell Babs. His first gig was as a back up singer for Ginuwine before releasing his debut in 2001 Force Of Nature. 

Between his projects he is a member of The Underdogs, a deadly writing and production team that have given dozens of big name artistes their careers. In 2008 he formed a group with Ginuwine and Tyrese called TGT but due to irreconcilable differences the group couldn’t make it past 2012, he has never won any major awards and he is seldom heard on radio but he still makes music today and we know where to find him.

Calvin Richardson


One thing I know you can’t tell me nothing about without been too arrogant is my music, I am into lyrics,  I just don’t listen to music I must feel the music and if that goose bump factor is not there I couldn’t careless how many copies sold. it is dead to me. Just listen to the words to this song:

You’re the blood in my vein you’re the air I breathe, on a hot summer day you are like a shirt with no sleeve, what makes me a man any fool can see you are more than a woman to me;  

Girl if you take that back, there would be no cure
I would sail there forever, like a ship with no shore
What makes me a man, any fool can see
You’re more then a woman to me’

See music listeners celebrate the artistes those who are into music look for the people behind the artiste, who wrote and produced what. Many don’t even know the artiste gets paid last and the least for example the monster hit song Umberella by Rihanna in 2007, The Dream who wrote and produced that piece gets paid way more than Rihanna will ever be but Rihanna is the face and the artiste listeners celebrate, we look for the source hence Calvin Richardson. Very little is know about him but his contribution to heavy weight like Angie Stone, Charlie Wilson, Rapahel Saadiq (Tony,Toni,Tone)  and many more means he doesn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of his life and that is not to mention his little know 6 six album.

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