Blog 76: A Lesson not Learned Is a Lesson Repeated.

This is one of those stories that you cannot help but share for its true depiction of what altruism really means.

Often times we get treacherous emails from abroad especially from Africa seeking assistance in one way or another, whether it is financial or what appears to be a simple help in moving funds.

The gullible ones have fallen for this type of deception many a times but this story gave me a different viewpoint on the fact that some of these emails just might be genuine.

This is a story of Joel from Liberia, West Africa who was perhaps fed up of the poverty that has torn his community apart that he decided to something about it. 

He went on the internet and sent random emails in need of financial assistance, asking anyone who cared to listen to send him electronic goods to sell in the Liberian market with a promise to return the money but must be compensated with share of the profit.

Someone took him up on the offer with the intent of playing along with ‘the scam’. Pleasant Green who published the video above told Joel he is into photography business and therefore will not be sending his required electronic goods.

He rather offered Joel the opportunity to send him some photographs of his surroundings and if he liked it he just might make a purchase.

Joel obliged and the first set of pictures he sent were horrible, so bad that Pleasant Green invested in a cheap $30 camera which was sent to Joel in Liberia with a covering note on how to hold his hands still before capturing an image.

The results of the images captured were so breathtaking that Pleasant green put a compilation up for sale online and sold 1,000 copies in a matter of weeks.

The time to split the proceeds is where Joel’s faith and intentions were tested, anyone would fear for the worse in thinking that he will keep all the money to himself. Watch the video to see what happened after he received his share of the money and that of Pleasant Green’s.

Moral of the story is, if we do not learn a lesson that some people might be in real need, we will keep making the mistake of giving someone the opportunity to make a difference.

You can help Joel’s cause by purchasing his work here

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