Blog 76: America Still Haven’t Learned Their Lesson On Gun Control Hence The Consquences

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting In Florida


First of all our hearts go out to the family those that we lost in the recent shootings in Florida but it is time America did something about their gum control reform or else there will be many more shootings to make the news in this new year.

According to the ABC new clip from (06:30), any passenger who followed the rules can travel with a firearm and ammunition as a checked luggage, Is that country insane or what?

No one is safe travelling the U.S if that is the case, a simple ban or adjustment to the second amendment of the united states constitution would have seen those poor innocent souls alive today.

As the world leading power, America should be ashamed of itself in the way the ‘right to bear arms’ has become a laughing matter, a total joke! People get fatally shot on things as simple as traffic offences or road rage. Police shoot first and ask questions later, Insane creatures walk into nursery/primary school to shoot up kids, ignoramus walk into churches to kill people of different skin color for absolutely no reason.

In my opinion a tighter gun laws would have spared at least half of the death by gun violence in America.

When people show you who they are, please believe them. The Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter Estaban Santiago went up to the FBI head office in Anchorage Alaska talking and acting incoherent, what action did they take to reporting this to the appropriate authority?

They knew he was mentally unstable according to reports, why did they still let him travel with fire arms? I suppose he has the right to the second amendment like anyone else but not when you are crazy?

I know the president elect is pro Amendment II but at least taking a look at stricter control will save lives and prevent or deter senseless killings America is renowned for.


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