Blog 76: An Eye For An Eye Make The World Go Blind -Ghandi.

If We Are Not Part Of The Solution Then We Are Part Of The Problem.


They say the fruit don’t fall too far from the tree and the video clip strongly support this adage, for parents to think it’s okay to instill hatred in their children is worse than any label you could bestow on the POTUS.

Let’s sit back for a second to think about this, given that the alleged titles given to Trump were true beyond reasonable doubt; a racist, a misogynist, a bigot, a deranged president, a misotheist and a whole lot more, what do you think is the most effective way to deal with someone who possess all these characters?

I am none the wiser but spewing hatred in return in any form especially constant negative images in the media, parents and elders perpetual reminder of their opinions around children is not an efficacious way to handle certain issue because Children don’t know any better and are too young to make up their mind. They go by what they see on the media and listen to what they are told by their parents or guardian hence children now attack other children because of difference in opinion that they have no wealth of knowledge about to begin with.

President Trump’s approach to certain things can be harsh to say the least and most of the footage are out there, perhaps, just perhaps the media could even things out a little by expounding more on clips like these.

This is not by any means to change the perception people have about him or to come to his defense but to show the kids that someone with no political experience was voted in to start with and just maybe he is trying to do something that may or may not be good for America but most importantly lending him a helping hand might bring out the former.

Some may say president Trump is using this as a PR move and that when ‘someone show you who they are you should believe them’, while I respect your opinions but ask yourself, what good is going to come out of you believing he is a racist and misogynist that is going to benefit America and move the country forward other than incite more people especially children to carry our nefarious activity?

An eye for an eye make the world go blind.

Your thoughts?

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