Blog 76: Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham’s More Life Sets New World Record

It does not get bigger than this man right now in the world of music. His new album More Life is barely one day old and he has already done 78 million streams on Spotify alone crushing the previous record held by Ed Sheeran.

This is an equivalent to 500,000 records sold in one day. I remember when I first broke┬áthis young man’s record Best I Ever Had back in 2008 to a few people as a DJ, I knew he was going to be a star but I had no idea just how big he was going to turn out.

No artiste in the world today can hold a candle to the Canadian native and to those who think they can beef or throw shades at him, please do so at your own peril.

Drake has the streets locked on demographics ranging from 15-38 year olds and trust and believe anything he says or does to this group of people is pretty much a wrap.

He just knows how to make hit records, some of them are not my cup of tea but it’s not my call, he gives the people what they want and more.

His sales and audience makes A list artistes look like ordinary stars.

Jay Z, Puffy & Dr Dre are more like the rap artistes I grew up to but Drake is sure on his way to become an even bigger mogul than the names I just mentioned if he continues to go at this level of success.

Congratulations 6 God!

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