Blog 76: Be Careful What You Wish For.

You Just Might Get It.

This is just me thinking out loud, why do successful people especially celebrities renounce the success they worked so hard to achieve yet won’t let go of the lights, camera and action?

It doesn’t get bigger than british pop star Ed Sheeran. The once homeless young man somehow overturn his adverse condition to become one of the biggest stars in music and lately in a telegraph article, he stated how ‘fame is hell’ and claimed to have had so much fun and peace when he was broke.

Perhaps I may never know what he is saying because the disparity in our lifestyle is incomparable but there’s one thing I do know, there are way more talented people out there that would give anything just to catch a glimpse of the level of Mr Sheeran’s success, denouncing the platform that made you who you are and all the trappings that come with it seem a little phoney I my opinion. 

This is nothing against Ed, he is just an example of many others who have constantly made those statement and yet they are always in the full glare of the public at every given opportunity. If fame really suck as most celebrity claim, all they have to do is let it go like SADE did, it is that easy.  

Success don’t happen by mistake, it takes religious hard work and persistence to get to where you are, you dreamed and prayed to get to that level and I am sure along the way a lot of older celebrities said the same thing but you didn’t listen and persisted, now that you made it you don’t want it anymore. 

I guess it is the case of gift and the curse, the addiction that comes with fame that makes celebrity hold on to their public status. What you want you get, what you want done gets done, whereas if you are nobody, you are simply it, nobody! Other than that I can’t see any reason of holding on to something that is ‘hell’ or something that is not what you thought it would be.

It is all a package, you have to accept the ‘bad’ that comes with ‘good’ and just be grateful because these were your wishes.

Your thoughts.

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