Blog 76: Hip Hop’s Beefs & Diss Records.

Call it what you want Beefs or Diss (short for disrespect) records is an imperatively quintessential part of Hip Hop which dates back to its inception. Since Hip Hop is as competitive as any sport, Beefs are used to measure your weight in gold in the ‘game’. Your punchline plus lyrical ability to play with words and conjure up meaningful metaphors that rhyme are called Bars. These and more are part of the ethos of the genre which some artistes perfected especially those from the golden era.

Most of recent artistes have managed to shelve most parts of what makes Hip Hop, Hip Hop. Recent rappers due to the massive social media support don’t need to possess certain skills required like it used to be, for example DJing is one of the pillars of hip hop but due to software available today (thanks to Grand Master Flash),anyone can be a DJ even Paris Hilton. The wordsmiths from the days of yore are now replaced with mumbling rappers that wear skirts and dye their braids. 

Some real hip hop artistes find it offensive that their culture has evolved into something they are not familiar with, the only way they know how to get stuff of their chest is the old school way which is to go on wax (put out a diss record) compared with today’s generation of twitter fingers.

It is in these beef records which started off as battle rap some 40 years ago that we separate the boys from the men, girls from the women, the glittering glass from the diamond and the fake from the real. Hip Hop is built for the streets by the streets to send messages and tell stories of what is happening in the forgotten ghetto until the corporate bodies adulterated its concept in the form of monetizing the culture which has turned a lot of talentless artistes into global superstars, rap beef does a wonderful job of seeing through the mirage. 

In this article we will be looking at the top 7 greatest ‘Diss’ records of all time, some these records are so disrespectful to the point where lives were lost and one was nominated for a grammy.

#7- Back 2 Back 


This is a song by Drake aimed at Meek Mill. This song is considered to be the reason for Meek’s career downfall and was nominated for a Grammy in 2016. The first and only ‘diss’ track that sold units and charted well.

#6 Second Round KO

A ’98 classic from Canibus featuring Mike Tyson aimed at LL Cool J which was brilliantly executed with precision and outstanding wordplay. 

 #5 South Bronx


This was by KRS One aimed at MC Shan in 1987. Back then you don’t hear any cursing on records and the production was inept but this track is highly regarded as the platform that popularised battle rap on wax.

#4 ShEther

Remy ma totally destroyed and annihilated Nicki Minaj on this 2017 hit arguably one of the best Diss record of all time. Remy showed that there’s a difference between a rapper and an MC. This didn’t come as a surprise because Remy started out as a battle rapper and the one unwritten rule in Hip Hop is be careful not to pick a beef with a battle rapper, they are vicious. If Nicki hadn’t had her fan base already, this track would have extinguished her career.

#3 No Vaseline


In 1991 Ice Cube released No Vaseline aimed at N.W.A and Cube been the pen master of his previous group, he ripped the heart out of Dre, Easy E, Jerry Heller and anyone affiliated to the group in this Hip Hop classic.

#2 Ether


Jay Z is to Hip Hop what Elvis Presley was to Rock, Bob Marley was to Raggae and Michael Jackson was to pop.

When Jay released the Take Over in 2001 in referencing a subliminal diss towards ‘the god’ Nas, his response was Ether and that was all that people remember about their short lived feud. Ether and our number 1 must be mentioned and studied in the history of the culture.

#1 Hit ‘Em Up

Lives were lost on this one, aimed at the greatest MC of all time by another greatest of all time.

Please a message to let us know your top 7. 

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