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For those of you who don’t know who Dr Michael Eric Dyson is please look him up for more details on his background but make sure you have a dictionary by your side because trust me you will need it  and for those of you who do let’s recapitulate quickly on this lexicon brain box.

He used to be in the streets rapping and allegedly into gang activities and after he saw his brother killed he made a conscious decision to go to school and get a degree, That he did and more.

Five degrees later including a Doctor Of Philosophy from Princeton he is an accomplished author, teacher and Hip Hop scholar.

So Dr Dyson went up to The Breakfast Club to promote his new book Tears… A Sermon To White America, by the way I am a fan and he is one of the people I really look up to and I am currently reading his book Can You Hear Me Now? Even Barrack Obama can hold a candle next to this man in term articulating ideas and addressing issues.

However, towards the end of the interview 37:55 to be precise, when asked why he dedicated his book to superstar Beyonce, her mother Tina and her little sister Solange that was when he dropped the ball for the first since 2007 I have been following speeches, I questioned why he even thought of the fact that Beyonce is the number one entertainer ever, better than Michael Jackson.

For those who really know music know that there are only two Mega,Supa, Dupa entertainment stars that have walked and graced this earth in the last 100years, okay let’s not exaggerate maybe the last 70.

By Mega, Supa, Dupa stars we are not talking Drake, Adele or Rihanna’s type of fame and that is not to take anything away from these stars, we mean the kind of fame that make other big names celebrities star struck, Their presence have shut down highways and important places like Central Park in New York City (If you have visited you get what I am saying here) and these two names are Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Elvis Started it and to explain his impact to the, Elvis never toured outside the United States but people from around the world fainted just looking at his picture then came the King Of Pop, he took what Elvis left behind into what can be surmised as stratosphere. If there’s a third (with the ‘blessings’ of Elvis and MJ of course) that position will have to go to Beyonce Knowles Carter because she is the closest to the having those presence as her predecessors’ but to say she is better than Michael Jackson is a little bit far fetched. 

In what way I asked myself because I remember vividly skipping tracks when playing a Beyonce album but not Mike’s, so could it be dancing? singing? record sales? body of work? awards in general (Bey has more Grammy)? stage presence? popularity? length of service given to the industry? catalog? brand? legacy? album content? tour sale tickets? live performances? If anyone can show me one stage performance that you think is better the video below and I mean ANY not just Beyonce’s I may have to ‘agree’ with Dr Dyson but until then no superstar entertainer rocks it like Mike.

Please leave a comment if you agree with Dr Dyson or not.

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