Blog 76: Black Excellence Over White Mediocrity – Dr Watkins.

If only black people, especially in America, knew the power they possess perhaps things will be a lot better for the richest race in human existence yet the poorest.

Let’s use the African American community as an example here. In 2016 their spending power reached a monumental $1.2 trillion and it is projected to exceed $1.4 trillion by 2020.

This shows that if the 38,929,319 population of blacks in the United States (12.6%) were to come together and form a nation, they could be in the top ten richest countries in the world as their spending abilities allow them to afford to buy the entire goods and services produced in countries like Switzerland, Nigeria and Portugal whose GDP are not up to $1.2 trillion.

So why are blacks still perceived to be at the bottom rung of the society ladder?

The detailed expatiation by Dr Boyce Watkins could not be any clearer.

At first I thought he was playing the race card but after watching the video in detail, I had the epiphany. He is very correct when he said black people don’t have to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ or need any validation to start making the best with what they have.

Case in point, It has been subconsciously ingrained in us that we have to live in white neighbourhood as an insignia that ‘you are living better’ or have a lighter skin to get more opportunities in the economic world.

While there is a mite of truth to this, it didn’t have to be that way unless we approve of it as black people.

Spending your money outside your community is the reason why we are the richest race yet the poorest to ever walk the surface of this planet.

It is hard to convince anyone you are poor when you have that sort of spending capability, the only reason it appears that way is because we don’t invest in ‘us’.

What do we expect to happen when we you spend your money outside your community? 

You are helping to build that community while yours will be in ruins.

Your Thought.

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