Blog 76: Blacks Are Been Tortured, Raped & Killed In Asia.

I really don’t know how to start this article but I guess I just have to muster the courage somehow to express the pain in my heart as I try to make sense of how cruel human beings can be to mankind. In Asia and middle the darker the skin the more worthless you are, should this be tolerated?

It is one thing to be a dark Asian and another to be African but if you are dark woman of African descent then you need God on your side living in places like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the middle east.

The picture above is a Ugandan lady been stripped and beaten in full public view in India and to the locals it’s just a way of life. I do not care what the lady did and in my opinion she does not deserve such a public humiliation unless of course there’s is something terribly wrong with the society.


In a recent video the has emerged on social media, a mob attacked Nigerian students in India and one of them in the clip above further supports the truth on how blacks are perceived and how belligerent some of the people can be.

A protest was held in India to condemn the death of a young Indian boy who died of drug overdose while in the company of Nigerian friends, that was enough to unleash meaningless attack on any Nigerian on the streets and malls without seeking the facts.

The pummeling of the young African student above shows that their mind were made up on what they believe to be true that the Nigerian friends cause the demise of the Indian boy by giving him drugs.

I have always stressed that ethnic minorities of African descent living in western countries where the rule of law is somewhat observed should really think twice before pulling the race cards at every slight opportunity, we are quick to point racism and unfair treatment at anyone that don’t look like us and sometimes over frivolities when some of our brothers and sisters have it much worse.

In some countries the color of our skin is openly seen as dirt that requires cleansing as the Chinese detergent advert above shows. I don’t think the detergent company was ever called to question to begin with, If this were to air in the UK or the US where the level political correctness have reached an all time high to the point where you have to be very careful how you use words like Blacks, Women, Homosexuals there will be pandemonium.

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