Blog 76: Can A Person Of Colour Be Wealthy Enough to Not Experience Racism?

Lebron James is a 32 year old American pro basketballer who is worth $500 million. Last week, his $20 million Brentwood California mansion was vandalised with horrendous racial slurs which I must admit is a little too far especially as he lives there with his wife and kids. 

After his public speech on the vandalization of his property, LeBron’s comments were not taken lightly by quite a few people and none was more evident than sport journalist Jason Lee Whitlock’s.

In the above clip, LeBron clearly leveraged on the fact that racism is the motive which he still face to this very day despite his success.

Jason Whitlock disagrees!

Jason Whitlock thinks LeBron is way too famous, rich and powerful to face racism. As you can imagine most people in the black community have not been too kind to Mr Whitlock.

So what is my take on it?

I agree with Mr Whitlock more than I agree with LeBron and both men are right, what makes all the difference is what you define racism to be, what is racism to you?

Anyone who is well versed in racism knows that racism is way deeper than just calling someone names or graffiti some murals on the wall.

What many people call racism is just pure ignorance in my interpretation because I know better.

Racism is system strategically set in place to make ethnic minorities remain in their place or worse for example economic castration (no jobs), emasculation of the black and latino community (no father figure), Illiteracy in poorer ethnic communities and the list goes on.

We can go deeper with things we see everyday but don’t really pay attention as to why they are there. For example, betting shops (gambling), processed fast food eateries and candy shops are mostly found in deprived communities, you can not name me a middle/upper class neighbourhood where you find any of the above.

Although Jason Whitlock’s views were not properly worded but I see where he is coming from, LeBron James is nowhere close to any of the above so why would he equate ignorance to racism?

If you think the life of ‘LeBron James’ is that tough because of the ‘racism’ he ‘encountered’ in the form of mural slurs, what do you want Tyrone who is jobless and still live in his mother’s basement to say?

Whoever the vandals were are ignorant, perhaps just a bunch of teenagers who can’t get 1,000 feet close to LeBron’s security team if they tried, or they might very well be racists from the KKK but it will be hard to go anywhere near one of the greatest basketballers of all time.

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