Blog 76: Conundrum No Man Wants To Hear! Your Mother or Your Wife?

Take A Pick

You are on a boat ride with the mother of your two children and your mother who gave you life, the boat capsized and you are told to save one and let the other die. Who would you choose to live, your mother or your wife?

I am sure someone somewhere have been asked such a stupid question that even the strongest and the most power man will find it unequivocally difficult to fathom what to do in such situation.

Although the chances of it happening is almost impossible but what if we played the devil’s advocate here and imagine we are faced with this dilemma, as we have been taught that dilemma is not choosing between a good or a no so good thing, it’s choosing when you only have two terrible options.

I know must of us will go head first for the obvious without thinking it through. Your mother right? I fell for it to.

Truth be told? Your wife hands down especially when there are kids involved.

I know the answer is quite subjective and to each is own as a friend once told me ‘F**k It I will save my mom and get her to look after the kids until I remarry’ but look at it objectively and my views are:

  • The most important thing you can give a child is his or her mother. Most men don’t care, we know nothing about raising kids or what that maternal connection feels like, our community is 75% emasculated which buttresses my point by the way.
  • Choosing your mother over your wife means you are putting yourself first before your kids.
  • Is she a bad wife to start with? Doesn’t matter it’s not about you, it’s about the kids
  • What are you going to tell your children when they grow up, ‘yeah, the boat capsized and I had to save my mum and let yours die?’

I honestly think that from the beginning of this world, if a man puts his wife first and do right by her we will all have ‘healthier’ mothers and wives and on the other hand if a man puts the mother first we will have ‘healthier’ mothers and a not so ‘healthy’ wife.

It will be best to do both but as the blog asked us to choose I chose the wife!

Please leave a comment to tell us what you choose.

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