Blog 76: Coprophiliac! What A Sickening Act .

John McAfee

You perhaps don’t know his name, or maybe the face but think for a second and pay attention to that last name. Still don’t ring a bell? Maybe this logo might help.
Yeah, I thought it would. He is the founder of the famous anti virus software on our computer and smart phones, it has been alleged that he practices Coprophilia.

I have heard a lot of weird stuff in my life but this takes the cake. I thought necrophilia (making love to corpse) and beastophilia (animal intercourse) were beyond strange but having sexual intercourse or fantasies with feces (excrement) or poop is beyond me and churns my stomach.

Born John McAfee he founded the McAfee Associates in 1987 until 1994  when he sold the company to Intel netting him $100m. He relocated to South America where he lead a very promiscuous lifestyle that eventually got him a murder case allegedly.

A few ladies who partook of the hedonistic life with Mr McAfee came out in a new documentary to give details of their encounter in his Belize mansion.

What worries me is the things that go on in this world that we have no idea about, what sexual pleasure does one get defecating (sh**ting) in someone else’s mouth? The thought of it alone is unpleasant and upsetting. Unless these ladies are paid agents, if this story were true in anyway, it will certainly confirm my thoughts that man is the worst thing God created because I doubt if a dog would allow another dog to perform such a perverted act.

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