Blog 76: Corruption In Political Office Does Not Get Any Worse

Nigeria is a very rich country in West Africa with GDP of $480 billion in 2015. So how come 70% of its citizen is alleged to live on $2 a day? You just might find the answer to that question if you asked politicians like Adamu Ahmadu Mu’Azu.

Questions have arose in my mind a few times as to how many cars can one drive at a time? How many do we really need? How much money is ‘too much’ money? Does anyone really need hundreds of millions of dollars?

About a month ago, the department of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria unearthed more than $50 million in cash after a tip off to a home in the plush suburb of Ikoyi that belonged to a Nigerian politician.

It is alleged that politician in question was Adamu Ahmadu Mu’Azu the erstwhile governor of north eastern state of Bauchi .

How is he going to explain keeping such vast amount in his bedroom when his salary is only N2.22 million (approx $60,000 or £40,000) per year is beyond me.

I am still finding hard to justify how Mr Mu’Azu could earn the money legally when he has always been in politics all his adult life and there’s no evidence that he was a businessman prior.

The thought of someone put in the position of trust and power to lead his people stacking up all these bills, when there’s no constant electricity in the country¬†as a whole goes to show you the apathy and indifference in the heart of the wicked.

This is not a first time decadence in Nigeria. It has been said that alleged corrupt officials are often celebrated as in the case of the former Delta State governor James Ibori, allegedly.

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