Blog 76: David Moyes- Political Correctness Gone Too Far.

This is the very reason why I fell like the society has gone demented and certain pro groups take matter too far it is beyond belief. I know apology is a mature thing to do but only to the lady involved, I would not have dignified these extremists’ backlash with a public apology If I were him. It is pitiful.

Just to bring you up to speed for those who don’t know, David Moyes is an experienced football (soccer) manager in arguably the biggest league in europe, English premier league.

Following his 0-0 draw against Burnley, it is mandatory that the managers had to give a press conference after every match. After this particular press report, the female reporter by the name of Vicki Sparks laughed at a harmless joke made by Mr Moyes that he was going to ‘slap’ her and by every account she didn’t take it personally because it is what it is, A JOKE.

Since the camera was still recording, someone got hold of that footage and leaked it and ever since the internet went beserk.

Now it is one thing if he meant it but to think that people should be scared to make humourous about anything for the fear of their lives been ruined is insane.

People can be so cruel and fast to condemn even the simplest of error because of the politically correct world we are trying to curate.

Feminist groups, women and sport anchors have come out to repudiate what I consider to be a mountain made out of a molehill.

Violence against anyone is not acceptable but if someone says something, I think we should look at the context, intentions and connotation of what is been said before jump into conclusion.

It is very easy to destroy someone’s life over something so petty that someone else perceives to be colossal when that wasn’t their intent.

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