Blog 76: Despicable Act Of Bestiality

If this is not one of the most disgusting things you’ll ever hear then you are part of the problem of this endemic form of depravity or mental illness called bestiality.

His name is Brian Louis George Chapman, A 21 year old mail man who has been charged with having a sexual intercourse with a dog.

Technology is a wonderful tool in today’s world and it so happened that Mr Chapman was on his job delivering mail on monday February 6th 2017 when a homeowner saw the mailman on camera entering his garage to deliver his package. I assume the owner wasn’t at home at the time but with easy access to high tech these days, it is easy to install video camera on your property and monitor it from anywhere in the world on mobile devices.

The homeowner wondered why the package delivery took longer than it should so he decided to review the footage to see what the mailman was up to and much to his chagrin he saw what would make any sane human sick.

I do not know what sort of sexual pleasure one would derive from a dog but I have a feeling it’s not going to be a pleasant one. This is an illness and the authority should look into rehabilitation for devious acts like this, handing him a misdemeanor charge which carries up to 90 days in jail is not good enough because when he comes out he will do it again. It’s probably not his first and certainly won’t be his last.

Bestiality should be unlawful and stringent punishment should be set in place to deter such act, in most cases I have heard these sick individuals have partners. Now imagine ‘making love’ to a dog and at night you go to bed with your partner then you wonder why there are so many inexplicable sickness in the world today.

Your thought.

Author: FR76

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