Blog 76: Domestic Violence- Anger Is A Form Of Mental Instability.

Those who know me know that it is mandatory in my house that every morning my sons must repeat after me amongst other things ‘You do not hit a woman and you must never be rude to a woman‘. 

Since they were 2 years of age, they must say those words before they leave the house and sometimes before they go to bed.

Although they are still too young to figure out that the vicissitude of life can make a man do things that he might regret for the rest of his life and the one mistake that you can’t take back is when you do the unthinkable in my opinion:

Lay your hands on a female.

Most women can push you that’s for sure, their tongue sting harder than a bumblebee and in some cases women will hit you first but that’s no excuse.

I have seen situations where women attack men, I am not saying that is right either but there’s something different or weird in my eyes when it is the man doing the beating, I don’t know if it is just me or perhaps when men’s ego get slighted, our reaction can turn really bad.

Maybe it’s because we are the physically stronger sex but the following clips below will show some the extreme cases of domestic violence that will make you cringe.

All this just because she cheated? What really doesn’t make sense is how people stand by and let it happen.

In Africa, women cheating is not condoned but to use these measures to prove your point is not called for especially when it is easier to leave the marriage.

Please be warned that  the clip below is very graphic

Beating the hell off the woman is one thing but slashing her like a piece of lamb with a machete is another.

I know women also abuse men domestically but this is taking it beyond way too far, I don’t think women are physically able to do this to a man even if they tried.

Let’s take another horrible example from this Florida man who just last week bludgeoned his wife to death with a pipe because he discovered after four kids together, his wife got pregnant by another man.

As in the case of this Baltimore native using his weapon of choice, dumbbells, to pummel his wife to death suggest an intent to kill.

This is an overkill as you don’t need that level of cruelty on a lady.

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