Blog 76: Donkey Sex Tradition- Now I Can Finally Say I Have Seen and Heard It All.

I am the type of person who love to learn about every and anything outside my community, never the type to be stuck in what I would describe as an abysmal waste of opportunity given to think, behave and act a certain way because that is what is acceptable or the norm.

Unorthodox would somewhat define my views in life.

I have seen few parts of the world and I can categorically say I am not the greatest ally of tradition although I respect how it has been implemented in various cultures as I have experienced over the years.

For example in some parts of India, it is a tradition to bathe in cow’s urine because it helps keep the skin healthy and drinking is much ‘better’ as it is a form of medication.

In Denmark, if you are unmarried by the age of 25 you will be ambushed and sprayed with cinnamon. If you leave it until 30, cinnamon will be replaced by pepper.

There are more quirky practices all across the world that are peculiar to certain community called tradition (culture is your identity) that will have you dumbfounded but none has made me more numb that the donkey sex tradition in Colombia.

When Vice announced that a documentary was underfoot about this weird practice, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little research as to why anyone would accept such a ‘despicable act’.

What I found out will blow your mind and their affinity to this form of bestiality is an eye opener.

The video is graphic and very repulsive so if you don’t have a strong stomach please do not watch the video.

Let us know what is the weirdest tradition you have ever experienced.

Author: FR76

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