Blog 76: Don’t Let The Game Play You, You Play the Game.

I know everyone has their opinion and I am not different. I thought the Mayweather/McGregor fight was more of an exhibition than a boxing match but one thing is for certain, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather may not be ‘The Greatest’, a title that only befits Mohamad Ali, surely he is the best ever boxer to walk the surface of this earth.

Following his retirement after the fight against Conor McGregor last weekend, his unblemished boxing legacy was etched in history when he shattered Rock Marciano’s record with 50-0.

One thing that leaves many in awe is how he inculcated business into the the sport of boxing for someone who has been lambasted with alleged illiteracy.

He is the one of only three sportsman to earn over $1 billion in his career, the other two been Tiger Woods (golf) and Michael Jordan (basketball). His last 3 fights alone grossed over $770 million.

Here is why he is the best to ever do it in sports period. Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan both had sponsorship contracts, Mayweather is self sponsored and still earned more. 

He knew how and when to pick his fights to minimize risk and promote to maximize profit by selling himself as a flagrant money obsessed athlete which was part of his game plan when he changed his moniker from ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ to simply ‘Money’.

Like a chess move he knew people in general hates anyone who is too flashy, he harnessed the idea and won. People hated him to the point where they will pay any amount to see his opponents (especially Pacquiao and McGregor) beat him, Mayweather knew he won’t be beat but played along hence his favourite phrase to his opponents prior and post fights is ‘he is a tough competitor‘.

He not only changed the paradigm of boxing in more ways that one the paved the way for cross-sports fight when he fought and won MMA bad boy Conor McGregor, he is the boxer in history to take less punches and retired from the sport clean.

He never let the game play him, he played the game. Successfully I might add.

Behind those flashy photos of vast sums of moneys and insane amount of some of the dearest jewels lie a rigorous and gruelling work ethic. Where most people will be happy to retire to a languid lifestyle with $1 million cash in the bank, Money Mayweather with an estimated $800 million net worth still woke up 4 am in the morning to run 10 miles before training.

What could really motivate anyone with that much wealth to push themselves and ‘punish’ their body that hard I asked, if that is not an epitome of discipline, I sure don’t know what that word means.

Packed private jet terminal in McCarran Airport, Las Vegas for May vs Pacquiao May 2015

The world will miss the impact of Floyd especially the business he brought the city of Las Vegas where he fought most of his fights. Your couldn’t get a hotel room in the city when Floyd Mayweather fought even the airport ran out of space hold private jets.

No disrespect to other pugilists past and present but Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has proven he is The Best Ever.

I really hope he made smart investments enough to enjoy the lifestyle he has been accustomed to during his fighting days.

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