Blog 76: Dove’s Alleged Racist Advertisement Correct or Taken Out of Context?

Let’s pause for a second to view the above clip of a recent art exhibition in China where black people are mirrored side by side next to apes and other wild animals, yet viewers go on like it is nothing.

Very true indeed, perhaps it is an everyday life in China where people of ethnic minorities are seen as sub humans to the point that we are now compared to apes and beasts. However I would have thought the mainstream media should have brought this to light, shouldn’t they?


Of course they are not going to because there will be financial consequences to pay, instead they targeted an art that was ill thought out.

Is this a way of condoning what Dove did? Absolutely not, what I am saying is the message they were trying to portraying go lost in translation. I am very sure a company as big as Dove don’t mean to be racist because if anything they should know that the ramifications that come with it can be severe.

Below are previous advertisement campaign from Dove and they are one of the few companies that promote equality across all race, how they planned their latest advert in this manner is beyond me.

In reference to the fact that they are a racist company is something I am not too sure about and this is coming from a black man.

I understand that we are living in a sensitive society and we should be mindful of what we say and do, at the same time we need to look at things objectively to see what the connotations are.


Dove’s advert depicts a very wrong perception but I don’t think they are been racist.


Your thought.

Author: FR76

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