Blog 76: Drugged, Raped & Burnt to Death On Her 10th Birthday.

Vile acts like this are some of the reasons why apostates and none believers question the existence of the supernatural and omnipotent being we call God. If God truly knows the thoughts and the deeds of our hearts, why couldn’t he prevent the sordid demise of Victoria Martens from the parent he (God) chose not only as a vessel to bring this child into the world in the first place but to protect her.Following her autopsy that was released in January 2017, the young Albuquerque lass who was raped, stabbed and burnt to death by her mother’s boyfriend (on her watch) in August of 2016 appeared to have been infected by a sexually transmitted disease.

Michelle Martens (top left), the mother of the deceased admitted she had enjoyed watching her boyfriend Fabien Gonzales (middle) and his cousin (right)  rape Victoria on three occasions after a drug fuelled debauchery in the days before she was killed.

The stomach churning sin took a new low when Michelle said she had sex with Fabian 20 minutes after Victoria’s was killed and dismembered. She also admitted to allegedly using dating site for soliciting men to have sex with Victoria for a fee.

This further buttress my point that humans are the worst creation on planet earth, I don’t think you will ever find another species that would commit such a barbaric act on their own. What has the poor little girl done to deserve such a horrific death?

I understand that there are due process to be observed in the eyes of the law but honestly all three perpetrators don’t deserve the dignity to be represented by an attorney in court let alone one trying to prove to the judge and jury that their act should be a manslaughter (unintentional) not murder (intentional).


I am not a supporter of the capital punishment but if I had a choice I would have made an exception in this case because Victoria did not deserve this plus the poor girl could have been anyone’s daughter, I couldn’t even imagine the feeling should something so dastardly happen my daughter.


Your thought.

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