Blog 76: Ever Wondered Why Most Preachers Live Lavish & 85% Of The Congregation Are Blue Collar Employee?

They Say Your Career Is What You Are Paid For, You Are Calling Is What You Are Made For.


First of all I would like to put a disclaimer out to state that this blog is not to discredit any religion or its congregation but to have a civil discourse and as the great Socrates puts it ‘the only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing’ . The 32 year old author Colin Wright enlightened us that ‘Ignorance is a temporary affliction remedied only by asking the right questions’.

 I am totally ignorant and Oblivious on certain issues about religion in general especially mine, Christianity. Can someone please educate us? 

Mathew 18:20: The bible says ‘For where two or three are gathered in my name I am there’ and as Christians we believe God is omnipotent and omnipresent (meaning God has unlimited power to be everywhere at the same time). Why do we still yell and shout the way we do when trying to God? He (God) just said he is there and I believe he (God) is not deaf.

Why do we stay as long as we do in church service and bible study which the duration ranges anywhere from two to six hours? What is so serious that we tell God for that length of time, two to three times a week for years to come and in most cases we die telling him (God).


Mathew 11:28 ‘Come as you are to me all who labor and are heavy laden I will give you rest’

Why the Sunday’s best designers clothes, Ferragamo belts and Tom Ford loafers? Because I know full well that if you are not Jay Z or Beyonce, you sure don’t look like that everyday. Well I guess you are entiled to wear what you want but when the church starts to look like Ozwald Boateng runway show every Sunday from the pulpit to the pew then an Ignorant like us asks questions.

Finally, the most important question and reason for this blog, Why is it that most pastors and preachers are so well heeled financially, drive the best cars and live in the best neighborhoods when 85% of their congregation live in the projects (Council Housing) or in a small 3 bed house in an ‘OK’ side of town believing year after year that their ‘miracle’ will soon come? When The preacher is selling HOPE to the congregation his or her favorite phrase to congregation is always (typically at the beginning or the early part of each year).

This Is Your Year of Miracle!

I have even had some congregation defending the preacher with excuses like, ‘He sells books ‘the preacher gets his gifts from the church’ ‘We do not judge, We Tithe and pay our offering as instructed by the bible, the preacher answer to God in the case of any misappropriation of funds’ and the best classic excuse of all excuses which only church goers can relate is ‘we are sowing our seeds’ 

My question after this classic is always when are you going to harvest the seeds sown? I know for a fact God is not that heartless to let on man live the life while you wallow in squalor.

Like the case in point where Creflo Dollar asked his congregation for a $70m Private Jet in 2015, his excuse was to get to ministries around the world faster and the puzzling thing is they bought it for him in the end.

What happened to first or business Class flights? I am sure the ministry can wait if he were a couple of hours late to save the congregation $70,000,000 that could be used for much more meaningful causes.

Please leave a comment to debunk my ignorant thoughts.

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