Blog 76: FBI Arrests Ohio Pastors For Alleged Sex Crimes Against Children.

The church is supposed to be a refuge for the vulnerable and those seeking to get closer to God but horrible allegations such as this makes you wonder, is the ‘house’ of the Almighty what it is purported to be?

I still wonder how in 2017 we can totally entrust our children to these frauds disguised as men of God. I believe to each is own but the rate their ‘flock’ dance to their every whim and caprice makes me think that the congregation just maybe worshipping these charlatans not God.

 Pastor Cordell Jenkins, 46, who is the founder and pastor of Abundant Life Ministry was taken into custody in the morning of Friday April 7th after Federal documents accuse the him and another member of his team Anthony Haynes of recruiting, enticing and transporting people they knew full well were under 18 to engage in sex acts for pay. An agent’s criminal complaint says the alleged activity started three years ago with a girl who was then 14 years old.

Albeit the case does not involve the church, you can imagine the utter shame this alleged scandal has brought the few righteous congregation.

It has also been alleged that Pastor Jenkins is the pastor to few big celebrities most notably Marvin Winans.

Religion is a tool I believe some people with ill intentions use to manipulate others for selfish and heinous reasons.

If you look smart and are eloquent enough to use the name of God properly (which is dubbed ‘the calling’), you will be amazed what these ‘men of God’ can make happen.

A case in point I saw first hand, a few years back I was invited to a pentecostal church and mid way through the service the pastor’s aid announced via the microphone that the pastor’s car is due for change, nearly half the congregation raised their hands volunteering to replace the car which I thought was an asinine request.

One of the worst I have seen will be the video below

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