Blog 76: Feminism Vs Equal Pay. Are Women Really Justified To Earn Equal Pay As Men?

The Myth Of Female Equal Pay Debunked


I was perusing social media when I came across a video that linked me to the famous Bollywood actress (sorry, actor! As female actresses want to be referred to these days for political correctness reasons)  Priyanka Chopra expressing her opinion of how she hates getting paid less than men.

As she opined on the disparity in wage gap, I thought to myself that she has a point but should women be paid equally for the same job?

Yes and No!

First of all I would like to put a disclaimer that I am not a chauvinistic pig, far from it! I just tell truth how I see it.
The only way in my opinion there should be equal pay is if a man and a woman do the same job on the same set (not separately) and whoever of the two gender does better gets the bigger pay.

Case in point (YES): What the Bollywood actress expressed is justified, if Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts act in the same movie the pay should be split right in the middle, I do not see how and why one should get more than the other, it is pure acting and there should be no gender bias or nepotism, say for instance Adele and Drake do a concert the same rule apply. It is pure singing and performance albeit other factors come into play like popularity but for the most part proceeds should be shared equally.

Case In point (NO): This is where women get it wrong and feminism speaks volume, Can somebody please tell me how is it justified for a woman to get equal pay as a man in boxing? If a female boxer deems they should earn equal pay then step in the ring with Anthony Joshua, Vitali Klitschko  or Floyd Mayweather.
If the female boxer wins  then by all means split it right in the middle but I can very much assure you the punches she will suffer (if by some miracle she knocks out the male boxer) is not going to be funny at all, that’s where the pay difference come in.

Why should Usain Bolt share equal pay as a female sprinter? You want his pay check then step in the track with him or Why should Ronaldo earn  the same as a female footballer? The list goes on!

 In the clip attached the narrator got some part wrong, women shouldn’t be judged based on the fact that they take long absence from work due to maternity etc, although it’s true I don’t think it should be a reason for wage difference However Feminists have preached equal rights for decades because they think they are equal to men right?

As the Bollywood actress (sorry, actor) puts it ‘I don’t need a man for nothing other than children’ while this is also quite true as I have heard a lot of women make this same statement, I think the pay rate should vary depending on the job, participants and platform between a man and a woman.

Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree with this.

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