Blog 76: Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather to Make $8m a Minute Against Conor McGregor.

No sooner had I recovered from the astronomical nine figures paid to buy out Neymar from Barcelona to Paris St. Germain than the numbers for Mayweather next fight aired. 

Neymar signed a five year contract with PSG yesterday for a world record fee.

The precise amount for this deal is not known but a buyout clause of 220 million euros with his old club Barcelona was paid in full by the mega rich Qatari owners of his new club.

It is also reported that his weekly salary is around $1 million mark.

Stupendous wealth for anyone let alone a 25 year old I thought to myself. Why pay that much for someone to kick a ball for 90 minutes, 2 times a week at most.

Indispensable members of the society like doctors or teachers find it extremely difficult to gross $4,000 a month which is what Neymar makes an hour.

What is the world of sports turning to? My colleagues and I were still chatting away when coincidentally the news aired that Floyd Mayweather is expected to make $300 million or better for a 36 minutes fight with Conor Mcgregor, August 26th.

In other words, Money Mayweather will be making $8 million a minute…..

$8 million a minute to punch someone and try not to get punched by your opponent?

This is not even a boxing match, it is more of a circus pairing a pugilist and a mixed martial artist.

I guess people will pay for anything these days.

I am not mad at both athletes, if people are willing give that much money why refuse.


Your thoughts.

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