Blog 76: From Homeless to Becoming a Cook

This is truly an inspiring story. I have often said and will continue to repeat the importance of been affable to every and anyone you come across because the person that will take your life and your career to that next level of greatness is NOT your parents, family, relatives or friends. It is the people you don’t know, you have never met and most times from the least expected source


This is a story of a homeless man named Victor Hubbard from Kemah, Texas. He is mentally disabled and has a mind of what I would refer to as a child.

Everyday, Mr Hubbard sat on a particular street corner where he was abandoned as a child waiting for his mother to come and get him. He was always there in the rain, sun, sleet or snow for years.

Kind locals bring him food and clothing because they thought he was just your regular homeless, drug addicted individual, you know the type we see regularly on our street corners. No one bothered to ask why he was there.

A married mother of three and the owner of Art Of The Meal restaurant in Texas named Ginger Sprouse walked pass this man everyday, she never said a word to this homeless man and never brought him food but everyday as she walked or drove by she noticed something remarkable about the homeless Hubbard.

He never looked grumpy or had anything negative to say about his predicament even in the rain. He greeted everyone with a smile.

One day she decided to approach the homeless man and her first question to him changed the man’s life forever.

Why are you always here? She asked, Mr Hubbard’s story led to Ginger Sprouse taking the bold step to see this young man get off the streets. Mrs Sprouse started a Facebook page called this is Victor which has since raised more than $15,000 and helped Mr Hubbard locate that long lost mum he had been waiting for.

Mrs Sprouse didn’t stop there, she hired Mr Hubbard as a cook at her restaurant and with his 9000 friends on Facebook asking about his progress everyday, it is axiomatic that Victor Hubbard will never be short of friends.

Mr Hubbard’s positive attitude led to Mrs Sprouse’s approach which ultimately rewarded him with her unprecedented benevolence.


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