Blog 76: Grasse Alleged High School Terrorist Attack

As the news unfold this morning about the high school shooting in Grasse France, I hope this is not the same case of scoundrels committing vile act under the guise of islam which some of us know is a religion of peace but because of the false representation of the Islamic faith, many have come to the conclusion of the negative narratives where all muslims are painted with the same brush. 

Just before the shooting, a letter bomb was detonated in the International Monetary Fund office in Paris which people are quick to judge as an act of terrorism which literally is true if we take into consideration the true meaning of the word terrorism which means to inflict fear.

These days we have been so brainwashed by the media that when we hear the word terrorism the first thing that comes to mind is Islam (religion) or muslim (practice).

Although I do not agree with this but I understand why the public have become very apprehensive at the mention of any terror attack because according to the media the perpetrators are either mainly of the islamic faith or somehow connected to a muslim country and to make matters worse some the attackers are reported to saying ‘allahu akbar‘ in arabic meaning ‘God is greater‘ during the attack.

So what can be done to try and curb these fake muslims acting as if it is Islamic to hurt or slay innocent people hence giving false impression of what it really takes to identify as muslim?

First of all, these people can’t be stopped. Let’s be honest with ourselves but one thing that would really help is for the muslim community to come together to denounce these acts in the form of a rally akin to Black Lives Matter or the women that matched all over the world to condemn Trump’s action, a movement that big to let the people know that as a religion such barbaric act is not condoned.

Honestly, I haven’t really seen that and I have been waiting to see if this will happen one day. For few of us who know you don’t have to prove nothing to us but it is the majority that don’t we are talking about here.

 How do you go about this march?

Well, simple. You need a colossal public figure in the islamic world as we have in the black community e.g. Al Sharpton and none other is more respected in the muslim world in my eyes the than the great teacher whose teaching I listen to sometimes although I am a Christian myself; Dr Zaki Naik

If you haven’t heard him speak please do me a favour and listen to his teachings. His intellectual capacity is unbridled.

I believe there is power in numbers and if all muslim community can come together for one big movement so the world can see the repudiation of these fake people disguised as muslims, perhaps it might change certain perception and most of all curb senseless killings.


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