Blog 76: Grasse High School Shooting Update

Following the shooting that was reported yesterday as a ‘feared’ terrorist attack, it has now been confirmed that this was a crazy act carried out by an unstable teenager fascinated with fire arms and satanism. 

The culprit’s name is Kylian Barbey who is the son of a right winger government official Franck Barbey and we do know that the shooting took place in  Alexis de Tocqueville school in Grasse, France.

Armed with two revolver and grenades, Mr Barbey who is said to be obsessed with American high school shootings wanted to recreate the Columbine style massacre but took on more than he could handle and luckily no lives were lost.

Before embarking on this insidious journey, he changed his Facebook profile picture to a gun wielding skeleton from an ultraviolent, far right video game which further supports not only his level of ineptitude but the syndrome and effect of watching too much TV and plays too many violent video games.

Please leave a comment to let us know your views on what happened in the Perfume capital of France.

Author: FR76

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