Blog 76: Have Blacks Really Failed In Any Structural Development That Has Stood The Test Of Time?

Many may not have heard of pastor David Manning, he is what many would consider a very controversial hate preacher who preaches against his own people.

I have been keeping notes on all his messages for the past seven years and I can unequivocally say he is perceived very negatively in my eyes, although sometimes there is a lot of truth to his story that many are wary to approach due to its sensitive nature, his latest video below underpins the question one of our readers asked me to do an article on.

Have blacks (especially Africans) built any structural monument that is historical in our today metropolitan society?

The answer is plain and simple, NO.

I am not a fan of Mr Manning by a long shot but truth is no one wants to talk about the elephant in the room as in the case of the example he gave in the video at 7:50.

This case quite is prevalent in our community where we sit on gold mine and don’t even know it, so true indeed that once upon a time in Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), kids used raw and uncut diamond stones to play football barefooted.

Appreciating the value of what we have is the major problem hence I totally backed Pastor Manning views on this one because if we really appreciated what we had, we would have taken better care and not sell it away for pittance.

 The best example to further support the fact that my community don’t have anything still standing today that was built over 300 years ago like Saint Paul’s Cathedral is the sad case of the richest man to have ever lived, Mansa Musa.

In today’s currency he would have been worth $400 billion.

He built some of the most picturesque mosques and buildings on gold but today there’s nothing left as his heir for some reason could not hold on to his fortune and as such Mali, a country in Africa that had gold and salt with a robust economy at the time is now one of the poorest in the world.

Some argued about the Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, while that is quite possibly true but there’s no proof that people of African descent built it plus they are not habitable. They are more touristy I think.

Your thought.


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