Blog 76: Homophobia In Black Churches

When Will This Hypocrisy Stop?

Following the recent passing of the infamous founder and leader of New Birth Baptist Church bishop Eddie Long, questions are been asked about the hypocrisy and denial that still exist in black churches about homosexuals.


Six years ago one of the most powerful and wealthiest preachers bishop Eddie Long was accused by 4 young men of sexual molestation while under his tutelage, allegedly flying these fatherless teenagers to safari trips in Africa aboard private jets under the guise of mentoring programs  funded by the church. These young have semi nude pictures taken and sent to them by Bishop Long on their phone as proof.

 This scandal led to an out of court settlement by Bishop Long to the alleged tune of $6m, in return his accusers will not talk or divulge anything about the New Birth founder to the media. This lead to Mr Long’s church sharp decline in congregation, he was advised to step down but he egotistically refused.

Years rolled by and Bishop Long kept a very low profile until about a month ago when he suddenly showed up out of the blue looking visibly gaunt and hardly recognizable.

Of Course he has some questions to answer to the world and his congregation, his excuse for the drastic weight reduction is he was on a ‘vegan diet’ on doctors’ orders, a fortnight after the picture above surfaced Bishop Eddie Long passed away, 15th January 2017 to be precise.

Cause of death: Cancer but some of his church members disagree, they think he died of HIV related symptoms which can very well trigger cancer.

Hence our question, why the hypocrisy and denial in our religious institutions that is supposed to be the epitome of righteousness?

Religious sects have always been synonymous to hypocrisy and dogma, for bishop Long to blatantly lie to his audience that he was on vegan diet when he was indeed suffering from an alleged cancer is baffling. The bishop was used to praying regularly for members of his congregation suffering from the same disease while they throw money at his feet literally, in some cases he attempted to cure them with ‘the spirit of the holy ghost‘ but when it was his turn no one needed to know about it,  hmmm!

If he had been transparent about his ailment, he would not only be an exemplary leader, he would have also created less room for critics to critique the authenticity and intention of the Men Of God whose reputation have been questionable over the years.

In the case of his alleged pederasty which is the molestation of teenagers (as pedophilia is to kids), while I do not condone such sickening act, churches should come to terms with the idea that this behavior is rife especially in places you least expect to occur.

Bishop Eddie Long was infamous for his anti gays and lesbians  sermon so for his name to be linked to such an act whether it is true or not does not bode well which further supports the dogmatic and idiosyncratic perception of churches and its ‘flock’.

There should be a moral duty of care at the utmost priority when we are entrusted with children, they should feel safe and protected not violated.

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