Blog 76: How Does One Earn So Much Millions & Still Go Broke!

Is It The Lifestyle?


Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is nowhere near broke but spent a ‘measly’ $3 million on a chain necklace?

Tells me 2 things, Money Mayweather either has some serious investments that is bringing in at least seven figures or he is just been stupid, the latter I don’t think.

I have always respected the way Money handles his business and personal life how, most of all how he applies finesse in such a way that they don’t mix. A teetotaller and someone who abstain from drugs and smoking, these are some of the vital attributes needed to keep ones finances in check however the video clip had me wondering if this is the lifestyle some of these celebrities indulge in that have them broke faster than a rabbit can get into a hole after retirement.

By broke I do not mean filing  for chapter 11 of the United States constitution, the category Donald J Trump and 50 cents filed.
That is just for the court to give you permission to reorganize your finances, I am talking Mike Tyson (allegedly worth $300m in 1990 to selling up possession in 2004) broke.
I am pretty sure Money Mayweather has all that figured out because looking at those that went broke they all followed similar pattern of profligate life choices like MC Hammer who spent $500,000 per month on looking after after family, friends/entourage and a having a mansion with gold gates, toilets with gold seat.

It is mind numbing the amount some of these A list stars spend on ephemeral goods that is very likely to be out dated in a year’s time when these same amount can be used constructively to help build communities and save lives, spending $70k on a Audemars Piguet T3 is really tough to look at when I know for a fact that there are people with families somewhere that can’t earn that amount in 10 years, probably never in certain part of the world. Guess we all have to hustle harder.

Please leave a comment to let us know think spending that amount of money for sensual pleasure is admirable.

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