Blog 76: How Far Are You Willing To Go To Succeed?

Lengths People Go To Be A Success.

If you have not visited Dubai you wouldn’t understand how beautiful and gigantic the Cayan Tower is. Located in Dubai Marina, the residential tower boasts 73 floors plus 5 sub ground levels, what makes this piece of art stands out is the full earthquake proof 90 degree twist no other building in the world possess.

Recently a group of eastern European camera crew and a model decided to take their photo shoot a step further. In fact this was beyond a step further and I  don’t know who authorised them to do this but the sheer bravado is what I admire a little although I do not support the stupidity in the level of risk taken.

These young men and the model named Viktoria Odinctova decided to travel all the way to the middle east to hang very loosely off the roof of the tower for a photo shoot. The video below will have you sitting at the edge of your seat and if you are acrophobic like me I suggest you don’t watch.


Was it really worth it? Is the question I asked myself, what if anything had gone wrong? I know this may sound pessimistic but the levels people are prepared to go for social media likes and fame is incomprehensible . If she had fell to her death the world would eulogise on how great of a person she was ignoring the insanity of her decision and the ripple effect caused.

There’s a very thin line between confidence and arrogance, this is a true example of the latter.

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