Blog 76: I Had A Blast Raising My Kids! They Are Fun To Be With.


Don’t let this promo picture fool you, if you really want to be actively involved parents and not the type that look for the slightest opportunity to ‘dump’ the kids with their grandparents, raising children is no fun like people say it is or as the picture portrays, at least not from my perspective. I still can’t fathom how single mothers do it.

I must admit there’s no joy like when you first hold your child the day he/she was born, when they come running screaming ‘daddy is back‘ after a hard day’s work and eventually they turn out to make something of their lives. There’s no feeling like that feeling when you turn to somebody and say ‘that’s my baby‘.

As for the fun part in raising and spending time with them? Let’s just say maybe I don’t know what fun is perhaps someone will help me understand what the word really means and it all starts from when the mother is pregnant with the baby, may God help you as a man if the baby don’t kick for one day, the incessant calls and worry from your wife alone is enough for the wake up call to let you know this is real.

Then the baby is born and all the happiness and celebration subsides after a month then reality kicks in, mind you the baby don’t talk so if the child is hungry, need a diaper change, sick or needs your attention, what do they do?
They scream or cry! You as a parent will have to figure out what is wrong with that child and get it sorted fast plus that scream could be at anytime of the day, 2 am in the morning? Absolutely, and it could go on right through for as long as it takes for them to be seen to ‘happily’. I was told a story once when I was an infant, I only allowed my father to carry me in a standing position, if he dared to sit I screamed the house down, he stood carrying me for 4 hours one night before I fell asleep on his shoulders only then he was able to catch a two hour sleep before getting ready for work, perhaps that’s the fun they are talking about I guess.

Then we come to the dangerous stage, between ages 12 – 36 months when they are a danger to themselves. Dude, forget about chilling with a beer to catch a TV program if your baby is not asleep, that infant must be within sight at all times unless you want them to crawl down the stairs or take baby steps to the burning oven, catch my drift?
Then after 18 months, maternity over, you wife will want to return to work right? Well, there’s only two words to that question:

Child Care.

If you do not have a good family support that are willing to help, it is either one parent will have to resign to be a stay at home mum or dad (usually the one that earn less) or get your £1,500 ($2,000) per month ready for you legal child minder, that sure sounds like ‘fun’ to me. Some parents resort to illegal child minders/Au Pair for a fraction of the price but it is bad enough leaving you kid to the care of someone you don’t know,  if you really have to the least you can do is to make it legal.

Then we arrive the primary school stage, some kids have delayed speech impediment, if you child fall in that category then be ready to start fighting school board labeling your child ‘autistic’ at every chance the get. You buy clothes and shoes non stop, you buy today they outgrow the item by the end of the month and you buy again. This is also when you spend your hard earned cash to buy you child a game or toy, the child uses it twice and that’s it. They want the next game, ask them where the old game is most times they don’t know, maybe under the bed somewhere.

Secondary school stage: If you think it was fun getting to this stage you are gravely mistaken, this is where the real fun is. Your kid is now a teenager who thinks he or she know better than you that birthed him or her. This is the stage where you pray and hope your teenage daughter don’t come home knocked up (pregnant) and your son don’t follow the wrong crowd, the recalcitrant attitude is in full swing and you can’t tell them nothing.  

When they go out you can’t have a moment’s peace until they get home sure sounds like fun to me I don’t know about you. All this fun morphed into ‘ecstacy’ if the child grows up to be a full blown adult and don’t make anything of himself, this is something every parent in the world dread, I want all ‘fun we had’ raising this child to count for something not to bury our head in shame questioning yourself if all the fun was worth it after all like this ungrateful son below.

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