Blog 76: I Seriously Don’t Know What I Would Do, What About You?

What Would You Do?

She is beautiful isn’t  she? So let’s picture a scenario where (hypothetically speaking) you have been on to this gorgeous lady for a while and as a man you thinking about getting your freak on like we always do. After your intimacy she revealed to you she used to be a man, what would you do?

First of all a big shout to our LGBT community, we love and appreciate you but as always we look at real life situation objectively on Blog 76 and this is not to take any shot at anyone whatsoever.

However, the picture above is a real lady boy from Phillipines and on my way to work this morning I stumbled on the video above (which contains expletives) and my initial thought was to feel sorry for the lady and then I asked myself what if I were in the man’s shoes as full blown heterosexual, what would I do? Does it make me gay?

I talk about this with a gay friend of mine all the time and here is my stand on this, It won’t be a problem if you were honest from the start and reveal to your lover or soon to be lover who you were in the past, the relationship might dissolve right there but at least you are real and don’t have to sleep with your eyes open every night hoping the man don’t find out via other means which could very easily be fatal.

My gay friend then said it is hard enough for their community  to find someone and most transgenders would rather not talk about the past because that’s not who they are anymore plus they might lose their partners discussing sensitive issues like their past, while I respected his views, it still didn’t make sense to me because if that were the case the transgender is very selfish and only thinks about him/herself.

 In my eyes that is trickery, having what you can’t by any means necessary, it’s like saying I want a pair of items from a store and I know full well if i revealed in my credit application that I had a criminal history, my credit application would be denied hence I concealed that part of my life to pass the credit check, that in the court of law is fraudulent which could land the applicant in gaol.

Honesty has always been the best policy, although very hard to take because in today’s politically correct society it could get you in some serious trouble if you are not careful.
There have also been few cases where some transgenders were honest from the gate but when the man gets caught he denies flat out because the macho syndrome in most of us could not bear the shame but for the most part it is kept secret especially by the ones who has undergone Vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty is a very expensive surgical procedure that results in the construction or the reconstruction of the vagina, in layman terms it is when a man replaces his penis with a vagina. I know you will be thinking how hard is it to detect, surely the man should know during intercourse, believe me, I repeat believe me you will be surprised what  these surgical doctors can construct. When they are through even God (if you believe) wouldn’t recognize the son he made let alone man, some of these videos are too graphic to publish but go on Youtube and read books to see for yourself.

So to round off, I do not have a problem with lesbians, gay, bisexual or transgender but I would have a problem facts are hidden.

Please leave a comment if you agree or not and as always we would love to hear you enlighten us more if you think we are been ignorant in this article.

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