Blog 76: If You Are Not Over 18 and Can’t Hold a Dialogue, Don’t Read This.

As a full grown black man myself, I dislike it when people literally say ‘the N word’, ‘the B word’ ‘the F word’ because you are not fooling anyone with the ‘politically correct’ nonsense. It is either you use the word or you don’t say it at all.

The main focus of this blog is the word Nigga. I prefer the word Nigga to Nigger, in my eyes they hold two different meaning.

Nigger‘ is the last word our ancestors heard before been lynched and beaten to death just because of the colour of their skin, it is a little uncomfortable for me to this day say it but ‘Nigga‘ is a made up word in ebonics that doesn’t hold the same deplorable meaning and significance.

Albeit, Nigga (meaning friend) was derived from the word Nigger (derogatory term for people of African descent) some people still don’t see any difference between the two, as a result you can’t use either because it brings back bitter memories. 

Hence the crux of this article, since Nigga have been used so much in the hip hop and urban community it has given room for other race to use it loosely among each other.

With Hip Hop music being America’s second biggest export, little wonder the word Nigga is everywhere, not too long ago I saw two white teenagers greeting each other ‘What’s up my Nigga?’

It didn’t faze me at all because it is not new to me, to some black people it is infuriating. Last night I saw a Youtube clip about the same subject between a black student and his white teacher which I thought was interesting so I ask the same question, do you think the word Nigga has been commoditized?

See the clip below (sorry for the bad quality) to get a better understanding of what we are talking here.

I honestly agree with the teacher on this one. The word Nigga is so hugely commoditized that the original meaning (if you believe there is no difference in meaning between Nigga and Nigger) is lost in the sauce.

Particularly, I find it rather weird that if a non black ethnicity is trying to make a genuine hypothesis that require the use of Nigger/Nigga, It is seen as an abomination as seen in the video, rather they say ‘the N Word’ which I think is ridiculous.

I get the fact that is sounds really weird when the word comes out of white man but that really shouldn’t be the case as long as they have a genuine intention behind using the word Nigga or Nigger just like the white teacher. 

Using the word by a non african shouldn’t be automatically labeled as racist until the intentions behind it is known and the instance below shows an example of a malicious intent.

I am against smacking a woman regardless of the circumstance but you can’t tell or control people on how to react when they are offended.  

Leave a comment to let us know if you think the use of Nigger or Nigga is commoditized or shouldn’t be used at all.

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