Blog 76: Intimidated By Success: A Myth Or Reality.

Are Men Intimidated By Women’s Success?

Some women seem to have the notion that men are intimidated by their success, to better articulate what I am saying; it has been perceived that men tend to feel insecure in a relationship if the woman earns more or if she’s the bread winner. The simple truth is this perception is not true.

A very successful young lady once said to me she can’t get a date, her reason is because she thinks her accomplishment is what put men off. That in my opinion couldn’t be farther from the truth I thought because in reality a beautiful (internal and out) and successful woman is what any man crave these day, no man wants a liability and vice versa. What really puts a man off which I believe most women translate to jealousy is when the woman ‘knows’ she is successful and beautiful.

The knowing part is what get to their head and some don’t know how to control it or be subtle with it. As egotistical as we men are when the woman start flaunting her wealth by reminding her man how much she makes and who the bread winner is that’s where we get irate. As for the part that men are scared to approach women because of their success is not quite true as long as the man knows his limits.

By a man knowing his limits I mean not going for the extreme level of earning women for example, a $100,000 a year, 9-5 hard worker trying to approach $10m a year woman. You know from the start that the relationship is simply not going to work. Her colleagues, friends, family and business partners won’t give you that level of respect you deserve if you were not within her earning bracket which can create a void in anyone, man or woman.

Another prevalent thing is when she starts acting like the boss in the relationship, it is true the women are the ‘boss‘  but the beautiful and successful ones women who ‘know’ sometimes lack the finesse in handling this issue, perhaps your man has been unemployed or in a very low paying job and you pretty much want want to pay for everything thing, while that is good a gesture some men might feel their manhood is been slighted, which is not the same thing as jealousy as interpreted by some women, if you were in a restaurant instead of paying I suggest giving him the money to do so or let him figure something out would be more appropriate.

I have also seen situation where the high earning

woman tries and most times succeeds in asking the man to vacate his property and move in with her, If this happens it becomes tough for the man in the event of a quarrel he is asked to leave or worse. The resentment from the man can easily be misconstrued for  jealousy. Rounding off this article, I don’t think most men are intimidated by a strong successful woman as most women think, we are put off by women who don’t know how to handle the success, women who ‘know’ they are successful.

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