Blog 76: Is Trump Really The Racist Right Now Or Is It Us ‘Black People’?

Are White People Been Bullied Here?


There goes my ignorant self again asking ‘dumb’ questions again. As always I put a disclaimer first to say, I don’t like Donald J Trump but have you ever wondered when we as a race don’t like something or someone, anything that thing person or thing (that we don’t like) does, there has to be an ulterior motive behind it?

Really TI? Donald Trump is trying to divide and conquer black community by inviting black celebrities to the white house? How about giving the president elect the benefit of a doubt that he genuinely wants to connect to our community but don’t know how. Don’t you think that would have been a more positive approach?

Imagine you watching this video and it is a white man saying all this stuff about a black president, the first thing that will come to my mind is he is racist. Although Trump didn’t help matters by his brash talking but I really think he has been slandered so much that even standing next to him automatically makes you racist which is a little hypocritically unfair, for example no one is coming out to perform on his inauguration not because they don’t want to but they are too scared to labelled racist in today’s politically correct world.

Plus demonstrations like these buttress my point even more that the protesting black community don’t respect the democracy of the country if it doesn’t suit them perhaps because the person we would all like to be in the white house isn’t. 

Al Sharpton should make himself a little bit more useful in the black community and by that I mean in the black community when we kill each other, when our mothers are been left alone to raise these kids, when we should be in school getting these grades up or picking a trade up not selling drugs on street corners, Al Sharpton should be more involved in helping the youths our community to not only see entertainment as the only means out of the hood but to encourage them to pluck a leaf from Mark Zuckerberg and endeavour building the next app to rival or better Facebook.

If Al Sharpton is only visible when it’s a white on black crime or when it is really a high profile matter between race makes him look shady in my eyes.

I know the excuses will pour in that if there are no jobs what’s the youths to do? Hence support the democratically elect president and give him time to mess up then hold him accountable, this is not the campaign era when the presidential hopeful promised anything and everything just to get in, This is reality.

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